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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Remove .exe dan Autorun Virus Dalam Pendrive


 REGSVR.EXE is the root cause for all problems.
 Many a time when you insert your pendrive you may get an icon named :- autorun.inf or many a times the parent folder contains a subfolder with the parent folder name and .exe extension. Autorun.inf, New folder.exe is the common named file that transfers as a worm – regsvr.exe. This is because of regsvr.exe virus. It is a worm which replicates itself and schedules its execution at random timings. This also consumes your RAM however that’s not a big issue as today we all have enhanced RAM in our PCs. the main issue is yet not over, this worm runs at every startup and enters every new hardware connected to the infected system- a bigger reason to worry. thus it communicates to every computer in no time through pendrives, flash drives, memory cards etc.

You can download the automatic worm remover software from this link:

How to delete this virus permanently

1. The location of this worm is mainly in “C:/windows/system32″ few times in “C:\Program Files”.

2. You wont get this virus by searching it. as soon as it is infected on your system it makes itself as an operating file( a much headache for you). so go to organize option –> folder and search option . Then go to view tab and UNMARK “hide protected operating system files” option.

3. Now go to task manager–> task manager and search for regsvr.exe. ( if not found then click show all processes and again search, if still not found jump directly to step 5)

4. Now right click on the regsvr.exe in task manager and do end process tree.

5. Now begin your search in the above mentioned location (in step 1) and manually delete the regsvr.exe

WARNING: Don’t Confuse REGSVR.EXE (worm) with REGSVR32.exe (not a worm).

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